The Emerging Leader
in Aircraft Leasing

Our Story

ALAFCO Aviation Lease and Finance Company has spent the last two decades establishing itself as a leading name in aircraft leasing. Established in 1992, ALAFCO began as an aircraft leasing arm of Kuwait Airways. Acquired by Kuwait Finance House KFH in 1999 and listed on the Kuwait stock exchange in 2006, ALAFCO’s growth has been measured and organic, ensuring that it can always deliver sustainable long-term growth.

Starting from two aircraft, ALAFCO has since grown to become a leading player in aircraft leasing, with over 70 aircraft leased to global airlines across 15 countries. As part of its plans to cement its position as a global leader, ALAFCO placed an order for over 130 new generation aircraft in 2017, with delivery expected to be completed during the coming years.

Throughout this journey, the company’s priority has remained the same: deliver an unmatched aircraft leasing service to its customers. With over two decades of leasing and financing experience, and values which remain integral to everything we do, ALAFCO is perfectly positioned to meet the demands of airlines worldwide.

Key Milestones


aircraft managed


$ 0 Billion

generated in operating lease revenue



different airline customers

Our Vision

Our vision is to position ALAFCO among the top-tier aircraft leasing companies in the world.

“ALAFCO’s shareholders, partners and customers form the main pillars of our success. Year after year, ALAFCO has built a reputable image in its pursuit of excellence, winning the trust and confidence of its customers and industry partners. We aim to continue this moving forward. 

Our vision is to position ALAFCO among the top-tier aircraft leasing companies in the world. Our pragmatism, rich industry experience and competitive strategy has enabled us to seek high yields and opportunities that continue to achieve success.

We shall continue to deliver as we know best, ensuring our shareholders, customers, and community continue to benefit from our efforts.”

Adel A. Albanwan
Chief Executive Officer

Meet The Board

The board, including the Chairman, comprises of the following seven members.

Meet Our Management Team

ALAFCO’s management comprises of executives with vast experience in the aviation industry. The management is committed to providing our customers the highest levels of service and operates with utmost integrity.

Our Governance

At ALAFCO we are committed to high standards of Corporate Governance ensuring that we conduct our business activities through a clearly articulated governance framework - one that is consistent with principles and practices endorsed by the CMA in Kuwait and internationally recognized best practices.

Our governance framework is reflected across all levels in ALAFCO. We recognize the importance of maintaining a strong governance framework, and in doing so we strive to implement leading best practices in everything we do, from our policies and procedures, to our internal systems. We aim to create an environment that protects our stakeholders, maintains and upholds the highest levels of integrity and professionalism that lends itself to a transparent framework.

We at ALAFCO, firmly believe that our corporate governance activities will generate confidence amongst our partners and customers, enabling us to continue to deliver excellent financial performance and protection of our business. Our Corporate Governance consists of the Board and its committees, our ethical values and practices, policies and procedures, internal control environment, integrated risk management framework, disclosures, and guidelines governing the protection and interests of all stakeholders.

Download the ALAFCO Corporate Governance framework.


At ALAFCO, we are committed to honest, lawful, and fair work practices.

This is why we encourage and support any employee or external party that believes a policy, practice, or activity of ours is in breach of the law or regulations and wants to report it.

To report any such instance, please fill out the whistle blower form and submit it with any support documents to:

Mohammad Abdullah Qazi
Head of Risk and Compliance
[email protected]

Whistleblower Report Form


Please provide the following details for any suspected serious misconduct or any breach or suspected breach of law or regulation that may adversely impact the Company and submit directly to any of the Compliance Officer. Please note that you may be called upon to assist in the investigation, if required. Please follow the guidelines as laid out in the Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures.

Your Details

Suspect Information

Witness Information (if any)

Complaint (Briefly describe the misconduct / improper activity and how you know about it)

Specify what, who, when, where and how. If there is more than one allegation, number each allegation and use as many pages as necessary.

We are committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability. In line with that commitment we expect employees who have concerns about any suspected misconduct or malpractice within the company to come forward and voice those concerns.

If you wish to make a written report, please use this report form. Once completed, this report becomes confidential. It is recognized that in most cases the person raising concerns will wish to be dealt with on a confidential basis. All reasonable efforts will therefore be made to avoid revealing the person’s identity.

We encourage you to provide your name with this report. Concerns expressed anonymously are much less powerful but they will be considered as far as practicable.

You should not attempt to obtain evidence for which you do not have a right of access since whistleblowers are ‘reporting parties’ and not ‘investigators’.

Our Partners

ALAFCO’s trusted partners are a crucial part of our journey towards becoming a global leader in aircraft leasing. Through working closely with them, we continue to provide an ever-competitive service and fleet to our customers.