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Regulatory Disclosures

Name Added
pdf Board of Directors meeting on 11-05-2021 9 May 2021 View
pdf Clarification on unusual trading 3 May 2021 View
pdf Material Information Disclosure regarding Replacement of Board Member 28 April 2021 View
pdf Analysts Conference Transcript for Q1 2020-21 22 February 2021 View
pdf ALAFCO investors Webinar – Q1 2020-21 18 February 2021 View
pdf Material Information Disclosure 15 February 2021 View
pdf Board of Directors meets on 14/2/2021 11 February 2021 View
pdf Appointment of New Chief Financial Officer 1 February 2021 View
pdf Minutes of the General Assembly meeting 27 January 2021 View
pdf Agenda of General Assembly Meeting 18 January 2021 View
pdf Material Information Disclosure 12 January 2021 View
pdf Date and Time of the General Assembly Meeting 11 January 2021 View

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