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Leasing solutions with benefits.

ALAFCO provides commercial aircraft to its customers on operating lease from our existing fleet and our order book of Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Our leasing options give you access to attractive and flexible leasing positions, catered to meet your requirements and ambitions. 

Our Leasing solutions provide several benefits to customers, from offering fleet flexibility in a changing market, to minimizing aircraft residual risk - making them an ideal choice to help move your business forward.

Aircraft Trading

Maintaining an attractive fleet through active trading.

Aircraft trading is an important part of ALAFCO’s overall strategy, helping to manage risk, as well as maintaining an attractive and young fleet. Our experienced management team has relationships with aircraft investors all over the world, providing extensive access to top-of-the-line aircraft assets. Our aircraft trading team actively seeks opportunities to procure or sell aircraft, with the aim of ensuring we maintain an optimal asset portfolio, and which remains integral to our fleet development strategy.

Sale & Leaseback

Creating financial flexibility.

ALAFCO actively seeks opportunities for sale and Leaseback, offering customers an alternative option to ownership. Through Sale and Leaseback we are able to offer airlines financial flexibility, allowing airlines to release some of their equity and raise new capital, while also building working relationships with new airlines. Through Sale and Leaseback we are able to offer customers the opportunity to manage and adjust their fleet planning options that best suits their needs.

Aircraft Lease Management

Harnessing over 20 years of lease management Experience.

ALAFCO provides a full end-to-end lease management service to aircraft owners, investors and financiers to manage the ongoing administration and maintenance of their aircraft portfolio. We manage the full process, from identifying marketing opportunities, to negotiating lease agreements and preparing the aircraft for delivery. Our in-house team of experts are able to manage all your needs ensuring that our clients receive best in class service.

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